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Products - SRS Degadur

SRS Degadur Flooring Systems Description.

  • One hour cure, methacrylate resin systems - superior to other available technologies.

  • For years, recognized for superior quality and longevity.

  • Used on a continuing basis in over 40 countries around the world.

  • One Hour Cure

    • Downtime for most facilities is a major concern and expense.

    • The one hour cure of Degadur flooring systems eliminates excessive downtime.

    • Return to full operation in a fraction of the time required with other slow-curing systems.

    • Even in temperature extremes down to –20 degrees F, Degadur systems fully cure in one hour.  This is due to the unique curing mechanism inherent to methacrylate technology.

  • Permanent Welded Bond

    • A flooring system is only as good as its bond to the substrate.

    • With every application, bond tests are performed just prior to the Degadur flooring system application.

  • Aesthetics

    • A dynamic range of colors and textures are available in Degadur systems.

    • Proprietary pigment, flake and quartz selections, varying degrees of texture, slip resistance and system thicknesses provide an endless array of custom design choices.

    • Allows the design professional great flexibility to create systems that meet the most specific aesthetic, performance and application requirements.

  • Quality Control

    • Unique, solvent free, 100% reactive acrylic resin formulations are the result of years of rigorous testing in independent labs and in the field.

    • On-going training and state-of-the-art service programs are an integral part of our value added quality control protocol.

Food Processing
The one hour cure of Degadur flooring systems eliminates excessive downtime


Supermarkets And Restaurants
A dynamic range of colors and textures are available in Degadur systems.

Applications for SRS Degadur.

  • Completely non-porous and impervious - ideal for food processing environments.

    • Liquids, grease, grime, spills, cleaning products - whatever lands on the floor - stays there to be swept or washed away - and cannot penetrate the floor.

    • Withstands the rigors of aggressive cleaning regimens, the movement of equipment from one location to another and exposure to the variety of liquids and solids associated with food processing environments.

    • Seamless, impervious, slip-resistant surface gives it ease of cleaning and maintenance in the most demanding of food processing environments.

  • Supermarkets & Restaurants need flooring systems that are attractive, durable, cleanable, stain and slip-resistant and meet all the requirements of the FDA, USDA and federal health department regulations and standards.

    • Being NSF registered, Degadur floors give you peace of mind by meeting the rigorous demands of the supermarket and restaurant environments.

  • Cleaning costs are dramatically reduced - Degadur floors never need to be waxed or stripped.

  • Kitchens, food preparation areas, freezers, coolers, dining rooms, bar areas and entry ways all benefit from durable, aesthetically pleasing, seamless Degadur floors.

    • Available with the Microban antimicrobial product protection option, Degadur gives your regular cleaning regimen an added level of protection against odors and stains—especially in those hard to clean areas under equipment.

  • Specifically engineered to stand up to the extremes of industrial and manufacturing environments.

  • Ideally suited for manufacturing and assembly areas, forklift aisles and loading docks - withstands the constant abuse of heavy loads, extreme impact, forklift traffic and exposure to acids, caustics and other chemicals.

  • The unique, durable bond of these systems to the substrate is the foundation of their strength.  The flexural, compressive and tensile strength of the monolithic system gives it extreme durability.

  • Provides a stain resistant, seamless, durable, impervious floor that is easily sanitized and maintained.  Liquids, impurities, reagents, uric acid and cleaning solutions cannot penetrate it - staining and odors are drastically reduced and/or eliminated.

Completely non-porous and impervious - ideal for food processing environments








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