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Products - Ucrete HF
Description of Ucrete HF.
  • Monolithic, trowel applied and urethane modified cement topping.
  • Extremely tough with many physical properties that exceed those of typical concrete.
  • High impact resistance, excellent thermal shock, chemical resistant - ideal for manufacturing areas.
  • Unique “breathing” system makes it a viable solution for many moisture problems.
Benefits of Ucrete HF.
  • Resists steam or continuous hot-water cleaning
  • Minimizes down time
  • Low odor; VOC compliant
  • Single-lift application
  • Proven track record
  • Accelerates work schedules
  • Reduces shear at bond line
  • Tolerates organic and inorganic acids, alkalis and salts
  • Handles wide temperature fluctuations
  • Exceeds that of typical epoxy overlays
  • Handles heavy traffic
  • Prevents shear at bond line
  • Meets ADA recommendations
Extremely tough with many physical properties that exceed those of typical concrete.
Features of Ucrete HF.
  • Thermal stability
  • Fast curing
  • Solvent free
  • No priming or sealing of substrate
  • 30 years of project references
  • Can be applied to 7-10 day old properly prepared concrete
  • Extremely high bond strength
  • Chemical resistant
  • Unaffected by freeze/thaw cycles
  • Wide temperature in-service range from -50° to 235° F (-45 to 112° C)
  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion similar to concrete
  • Slip resistant
Tolerates organic and inorganic acids, alkalis and salts
Applications for Ucrete HF.
  • Where severe conditions exist—high impact pressure, thermal shock, and chemical exposure.
  • Where steam or hot water is required for cleaning.
  • Meat, poultry, and dairy plants.
  • Commercial kitchens and restaurants.
  • Freezers and coolers.
  • Badly damaged surfaces that need a fast, economical resurfacer.
  • New construction projects.
  • Bottling facilities.
  • Pharmaceutical plants.
  • Pulp and paper mills.
  • Chemical processing facilities.
  • Waste-water treatment facilities.
  • Will not support growth of fungus or bacteria.

Complies to:

  • USDA accepted for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants in the USA.

  • Meets ADA recommendations for a slip-resistant flooring surface.

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Canada, accepted for use in food establishments in Canada.

  • British Standard Specifications (BSS), for use in the U.K.

Test Data:  System Performance Properties
Compressive strength, psi (MPa) ASTM C 579 7,300 (50.3)
Tensile strength, psi (MPa) ASTM C 307 800 (5.5)
Coefficient of thermal ASTM C 531 1.1 x 10ˉⁿ [n=5], (2.0 x 10ˉⁿ [n=5])
expansion, in/in/°F (cm/cm/°C)
Density, lb/ft³ (g/cm³) ASTM C 905 130 (2.80)
Resistance to fungi growth ASTM G 21 Passes, rating of one
Impact resistance ASTM D 2794 No visible damage or deterioration at minimum 160 in-lb
Compressive modulus, psi (MPa) ASTM C 469 1.7 x 10ⁿ [n=5] (1,170)
Flexural strength ASTM C 580 1,800 (12.4)
Modulus of elasticity, psi (MPa) ASTM C 469 1.7 x 10ⁿ [n=5] (1,170)
Thermal conductivity, ASTM C 177 8 (1.2)
BTU-in/in-ft² °F (W/mK)
Water absorption, % ASTM C 413 < 0.1
Abrasion resistance, gloss; ASTM C 4060 0.07
CS-17 Wheel, 1,000 cycles
Resistance to elevated temperatures MIL-D-3134 No flow or softening
Adhesion, psi (MPa) ASTM D 4541 400 (2.8) 100% concrete failure
Coefficient of friction, wet and dry ASTM D 2047 Passes ADA recommendations
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